A friend

A friendTo hold me …..To hold me as me in my collapsed stoical bravadoTo see my thoughts when my agony shuts my mouthTo be there for meTo look into my eyes with reassuranceWish a friend would hug me



My heart racesMy thought ThundersStrong emotions rake throughMy hands tremble as ma feet push me into youI feel an uncondcious attractionMaybe am being the most vile….does that matter,now with my heart into you I know not whats wrong with meHow can ihow could i If loving you is a crimeThen let me reign supreme as […]



Loving you is an inspiration on my pathLike fantasy you occupy a sacred space in meSpace deeper than my thought and feeling can tell. Only one wishIf time were kind…speciallyTo hold you ….for onceTo be with youTo wake up with you beside meTo cook for you and be with youTo wisper in your earsTo wisper […]


if walls could talk

If walls could talkThey would tell you ma secretsSecrets buried by the voice of silenceSecrets meant for your heart aloneSecrets not to be told but to be feltIf only walls could talk,they would tell of sacred words spoken in ma eyes If walls could talkThey would tell you how i feltHow i felt when the […]



I wish to be in you …..alwaysI wish to hold you…….alwaysI wish to smile for you…alwaysI wish to bow before you…always For how long more do i have to waitHow long will the fangs of loneliness bite my sanity awayBabe,i cant wait any longer


your presence

Once moreLike never before,i want to feel your radiance inspire my eveningWant to feel your presence transforming meNeed to be with you,my Lady of Rose Though many are the wishes of a noble heartLike he wind they pass away without permanence.Your fleeting presence spikes my admirationEven as i know we have no futureI still cling […]


happy birthday sweet princess

You are a great friendYour friendship awakened me to a new meYou inspire meYour words gave me faith to believe in myselfYour perspective brightened my views When i was low,i always remember you believe in me. My chapters of life is inncompleted with you. You are one soul who opened me to a greater me. […]