happy birthday sweet princess

You are a great friendYour friendship awakened me to a new meYou inspire meYour words gave me faith to believe in myselfYour perspective brightened my views When i was low,i always remember you believe in me. My chapters of life is inncompleted with you. You are one soul who opened me to a greater me. […]



Please forgive me if i cant stop loving youYour presence ignited a new meI never believed in musesUntil i met you. From behind our wallsYour presence transformed meChallenged meInspired meYou were ma power,ma pain,ma downfall,ma stress and ma joyI basked in a new friendship i thought would last a lifetimeLifetime of blissLifetime of paradicoLifetime of […]


a wish

Just a wishTo be with youJust a wishJust for onceTo hold you closeTo feel your tender heart on my chestTo radiate cosmic healing to youTo inspire you once….forever Everyday i try to be mine without youLike trying to force a ball underwaterBut if i may ask,why does my heart stick to you,why do i secretly […]



Av tested fearIn the cold nightsAlone with my thoughtsThoughts of your presenceThought as memoriesMemories of the things we could do togetherMemories of your soft hair on my chestMemories you alone can understand. Av tested fearsNight after nightI st alone and fear for usWould i ever find youWould we ever be togetherWhen why not now,why wait […]



Thoughts of you illuminate my life with a new radianceDeep within,am scaredScared as the voice of the past echo horrors into my weak imagination.I need you more than life needs oxygenMy spirit is willing but i fail in my choices.I believe i can make you real against all odds



6-12-19Just like the dew that sclings to downI cling to you my loveThough our friends remains nothing but a flicker incapable of hurtung a new born I aspire to a new begining in usIn another timeBy then we have new faces. One thingJust one thingRemember how i always loved you…no matter where you areYou will […]


time to hrow

Curled in his arms you sleep like a babyLonely in my bed our memories stab me to deathMemories of who we wereMemories of times we laughed togetherMemories of our new faithMemories by the scoreScores i loss count. Your absemce is like hot rod on the butter of my heartBleeding crying whining praying wishing you would […]



Died in meEach time i supress ma love for youA part of me diesI work so hard to accept our absenceBut thats like running my body on water. I know notI hope i move on



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Integrity is in the heart of every great nind. You are a great man and father,i am who i am today because i have a great mentor llike you.Today,many people respect my integrity.strength of character and discipline but not many of them know the source- You.I profoundly appreciate having a father like you,thanks you for […]