Please forgive me if i cant stop loving you
Your presence ignited a new me
I never believed in muses
Until i met you.

From behind our walls
Your presence transformed me
Challenged me
Inspired me
You were ma power,ma pain,ma downfall,ma stress and ma joy
I basked in a new friendship i thought would last a lifetime
Lifetime of bliss
Lifetime of paradico
Lifetime of faith….faith ina thousand dreams
Dreams born from our heart
Dreams of a new world illuminated by our photons

All of me
Ma strength…ma faith…ma willpower needed you
But mother nature pulled us apart
Today the inferno of friendship is nothing but ember
So cold its winds freeze the streams of waters that tumble down my eyes.
So cold ma hands feel numb
Ma heart dips,i gasp for air

Even if for once
Can i hold you again
To feel your softness carass my chest

Though a thousand walls saperate us
Forever will i remember i was kissed by a Rose

Can we ever be friends again
Especially when our faces change
Time after time
Shall we meet again
Just like everyday when we met
Would i ever be given the priviledge cherish you like i want to
Would i ever Adore you with everything av got
Would i ever drink from your nectar of inspiration
Would your effulgence radiate photons to me
Would you be there when i call your name
Would you there……deep in the night….by the dying flame in a dying world.
Would you call ma name when you need me
Would you priviledge me to be your Hero
Would you want to be by me as our nostril breath its last.

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